Education and Design for a Sustainable World

Grow your own clothes! Cindy's newest book is Homegrown Flax and Cotton: DIY Guide to Growing, Processing, Spinning & Weaving Fiber to Cloth. Available July 1, 2023. 


Learn to grow your food and the cover crops needed to feed                     back the soil using only hand tools!

Cindy Conner, biointensive gardener / permaculture teacher, has written Grow a Sustainable Diet and has produced two videos to help you learn to feed yourself AND your soil. She has written Seed Libraries to promote community seed sharing programs.

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        Seed Libraries:
and other means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people



   Grow a Sustainable Diet:
  planning and growing to feed ourselves and the earth




Homeplace Earth, LLC is a company dedicated to helping people live more lightly on this earth. Our primary focus is sustainable methods of growing food and bringing it all the way to the table. These videos are teaching tools packed with information to help you put these ideas to work in your garden. Be prepared for information overload the first time you view them. Consider them as you would a good reference book, going back many times to study each section as needed